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3D St. Patrick’s Cathedral Jigsaw Puzzle


Branded with the mind-bedazzling and brain-challenging flare of mental madness – Puzzle Hell™ presents its 3D puzzle collection extraordinaire, a set like no other!

Puzzle Hell™ leads its pack with the commitment of creating mentally stimulating and satisfying 3D puzzles! Best known for their Puzzle Hell™ puzzle franchise, they are now proudly presenting yet another one-of-a-kind puzzle collection.

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  • Designed by Puzzle Hell™ In Canada
  • Includes a certificate of being a Puzzle Hell™ Survivor
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A promise of pure fun while having that memorable experience

Staying true to its commitment in delivering fun-filled yet mind-maddening puzzles, Puzzle Hell™ will now dare you to push the boundaries of your mind with these 3D metal puzzles, sure to challenge you and your friends further, also adding that memorable excitement to you and your loved ones’ mental experiences.

Why choose Puzzle Hell™ Puzzle?

  • Promises only fun and provides experience worth remembering
  • Adds the exquisite touch to your home decorations
  • Enhances your cognitive functions to the extreme
  • World-class quality and safest puzzle pieces
  • Seek mental play with utmost care
  • The best present for everyone

Product Details

  • Puzzle size: 13.8*7.5* 8.2cm
  • Packaging Size: 23*14*1.5cm
  • Color: Silver
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Recommend Age: 10+ Years Old

Adds the exquisite touch to your home decorations

Puzzle Hell™ not only provides you cognition-running 3D metal puzzles, but they also add that touch of exquisiteness into your homes with these gorgeous pieces that also serves as wonderful decorations that add flare and glamor to your humble abode. Enjoy solving and playing these 3D puzzles then display their perfection afterwards.

Challenge the limits of your cognition and mental functions

Puzzle Hell™ push you to be boundaries of your mind as it gets stimulated with these enjoyable 3D metal puzzles. Work and solve your way, placing piece-by-piece this remarkable set that keeps your mind working and functioning well as it challenges, at the same time, excites your senses further than before.

Quality and safe puzzle pieces known worldwide

Puzzle Hell™ puzzles are not only known as the best globally in terms of difficulty level, these puzzle sets also made from the top quality of items that are meticulously crafted to give the same care and assurance when it comes to safety when you start playing and gradually solve these remarkable puzzles.

Detailed instructions included

Made from the finest stainless steel with its metal pieces easily clipped during assembly. Puzzle Hell™ 3D metal puzzles come with clear, simple and very detailed English instructions supported with illustrations. Easily follow steps shown as you build your metal art craft set quickly with ease and correctly because of your helpful guide.

A great gift for all ages

Share the thrills and frills and get even with your family and friends when you give them Puzzle Hell™ 3D metal puzzles as wondrous gifts for any occasion. Give them not only something that would make their minds work, but also give them a novelty item they can be proud of and display after once they’re done solving and putting every piece into place.

Puzzle Hell™ Delivery

In addition to its production of world-class puzzles with the most challenging levels of difficulty, Puzzle Hell™ also has the best delivery known to the world. With fast and efficient 2-3-day dispatch time, be assured to receive your own puzzle set or collection with 5-8 business days inside the US, and 8-15 business days for non-US locations. We work with major couriers and postal services renowned worldwide.

Vision of Puzzle Hell™

As visionaries in providing the world’s most challenging and difficult puzzles worth remembering, Puzzle Hell™ envisions as world wherein these puzzles not only improve mental efficiency of people because of how hard solving these puzzles are, but more importantly, promote quality and fruitful bonding moments with your loved ones – family and friends alike.

Reviews for Puzzle Hell™

1743 Reviews

Kathryn M.
“I had some pieces that didn’t even made it on to the model due to bad diagrams of how it was supposed to be bent and twisted.”

Gary P.
“If you want an incredibly difficult challenge, then this 3D puzzle is for you. Took me 4 days of constant working to get it completed. Lots and lots of small puzzle pieces to deal with.”

Charlie E.
“I love the challenge and that’s one of the many reasons why I bought a kit with such a high piece count.”

Courtney M.
“Some of the design feels like they could of went in a different order to make it easier to attach pieces, but I made it at the end!”

Gary W.
“Getting the mast to secure to the bottom 2 decks was a nightmare and it didn’t help that the lower deck only attaches to the upper deck through the bottom and no securing on the sides.”

Dorothy S.
“One hell of a game as the name implies, I nearly smashed it on the floor, but it looks so nice when completed”

Laura H.
“I’ve had some frustrating moments during the process but enjoyed the built overall and am very pleased with the result.”

Diane P.
“There are no extra parts if you should damage one. So, it can be a bit frustrating when one part goes missing or gets damaged eventually.”

Jack B.
“I wanted something really hard and tough to put together then I got it with this little 3D metal puzzle.”

Vinnie L.
“Things you will need in assembly – patience and a lot of it; magnifying glass on arm with light; two different types of small but strong tweezers.”

Bernice R.
“Super glue provides extra strength. Just put a dab on all the puzzle’s connections that won’t be visible to help make it a little sturdier, as parts will wiggle a little bit if you don’t.”

Kimberly M.
“Looks great when it is done. Friends that see it have all said it looks great, but they said hell no I wouldn’t even try to put it together LOL.”

Diane S.
“Remarkable piece of 3D metal puzzle – highly recommended for all thrill seekers like me to try and have fun with.”

Jane P.
“I was a bit disappointed at first because the pieces didn’t seem to add up. But as I assemble it piece by piece, I became happier and happier by each passing minute!”

Serena T.
“Packaging itself was a plus. Then I opened it and even found a more exciting 3D puzzle. Great job manufacturers!”

Casee L.
“Had to use super glue to secure the pieces on their spot, but overall, I was thrilled of the result.”

Donna T.
“Like their ordinary puzzles, Puzzle Hell has done it again – now, with 3D metal puzzles! Keep up the good work and you’ll surely have me as one of your loyal customers.”

Robert B.
“I’ve never been so excited and frustrated in my life. Sometimes, it looks like I’m almost getting there, other times, it seems like I have not idea what I’m doing. It’s one difficult puzzle designed to keep the mind engaged. I’m not even sure if it can be solved.”

Robert B.
“Only go for Puzzle Hell™ if you love challenges. I enjoy solving this 3D puzzle just because of how challenging it is.”

Yvonne G.
“Not for beginners. If you’re not experienced, you’re going to get tired of this quickly.”

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3D St. Patrick’s Cathedral Jigsaw Puzzle
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