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Colorful Heart Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pcs)


Mind-boggling and brain-exercising mental madness – Puzzle Hell™ is here for young ones or the young-at-heart, too!

This leading premier puzzle company is committed in creating the hardest and thought-provoking puzzle the world has ever seen! Renowned for their Puzzle Hell™ puzzle franchise, Puzzle Hell™ proudly presents yet another extraordinary puzzle collection designed in Canada.

Puzzle Hell™ puzzle collections are fun-filled and interestingly exciting puzzle sets for you, your loved ones – family and friends – to totally enjoy! This puzzle extraordinaire is sure to give you that all-exciting memorable experience!

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  • Designed by Puzzle Hell™ In Canada
  • Includes a certificate of being a Puzzle Hell™ Survivor
  • Free Worldwide Shipping Available
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Promises only fun and provides experience worth remembering

Puzzle Hell™ stays true to its promise of delivering fun-filled puzzles that will not only dare those who are brave to take on the most challenging puzzle-solving in the world, but will charge to your mental experience you and your loved ones will remember for the rest of your lives.

Why choose Puzzle Hell™ Puzzle?

  • Promises only fun and provides experience worth remembering
  • Bonding time with family and friends will never be the same
  • Enhances your cognitive functions to the extreme
  • World-class quality and safest puzzle pieces
  • Seek mental play with utmost care
  • The best present for everyone

Product Details

  • Puzzle Size: 70*50cm
  • Packaging Size: 23.5*6*19cm
  • Puzzle Pieces: 1000
  • Color: Colorful
  • Difficulty:Difficult
  • Recommend Age: 10+ Years Old

Bonding time with family and friends will never be the same

This out-of-this-world puzzle stands out amongst its competition as the puzzle to beat. Become not only the best in terms of superb puzzle-solving with skills you develop as you play, but also create strong and quality bonding times with people most special to you in the world – your family and friends.

Enhances your cognitive functions to the extreme

Considered the most challenging puzzle from its counterparts, Puzzle Hell™ stimulates your every brain cell into enjoyable hard work as you solve and place piece-by-piece this incredible puzzle that ensures efficient improvement of your cognition that will not only develop your thinking skills for solving puzzle, but for any critical thinking you will have moving forward.

World-class quality and safest puzzle pieces

Not only are Puzzle Hell™ puzzles the best in the world in terms of difficulty level, these collections are also made from the highest quality of items that are carefully created to provide the same care and assurance when it comes to safety when you start playing and gradually solve these remarkable puzzles.

Seek mental play with utmost care

Heed our warning when we say that Puzzle Hell™ puzzles are the hardest to solve in the world today. With only a known few who have triumphed over these puzzle set, even they were greatly challenged in their attempts to solve these mind-bending puzzles, so proceed with caution and utmost care as you also ascend your way towards the best.

The best present for everyone

Share the thrills and frills and get even with your family and friends when you give them Puzzle Hell™ puzzles as wondrous gifts for any occasion. Challenge them and return the favor reaching the limits of brain malfunction as they, too, attempt to solve these brain-draining puzzles and help them become puzzle experts like you also.

Puzzle Hell™ Delivery

In addition to its production of world-class puzzles with the most challenging levels of difficulty, Puzzle Hell™ also has the best delivery known to the world. With fast and efficient 2-3-day dispatch time, be assured to receive your own puzzle set or collection with 5-8 business days inside the US, and 8-15 business days for non-US locations. We work with major couriers and postal services renowned worldwide.

Vision of Puzzle Hell™

As visionaries in providing the world’s most challenging and difficult puzzles worth remembering, Puzzle Hell™ envisions as world wherein these puzzles not only improve mental efficiency of people because of how hard solving these puzzles are, but more importantly, promote quality and fruitful bonding moments with your loved ones – family and friends alike.


457 Reviews

Kathryn M.
“Wow, I used to think I was really good at puzzle until I got my hands on this. I literally got mad trying to solve this one. It’s exactly as hard as described.”

Gary P.
“By far, this is one of the toughest puzzles I’ve attempted. It took me 9 tries to get it.”

Charlie E.
“Puzzle Hell™ is just something else. I’m yet to complete the puzzle and this is the 5th month since I got this.”

Courtney M.
“Only try this puzzle if you are really good, I mean really really good. I got it on my 7th attempt and believe me, I’m really experienced but this one tested me.”

Gary W.
“Kindly avoid the Pure Hell™ puzzle if you get frustrated fast. It took me 8 weeks to get this completed.”

Dorothy S.
“One hell of a game as the name implies, I nearly smashed it on the floor.”

Laura H.
“If you love challenges, you would love the Puzzle Hell™ puzzle. It will push you to the brink for sure but it’s really worth the effort if you finally figure it out”

Diane P.
“Massive levels of calm is required to solve this puzzle. I got it on my 12th try but over time, my solving speed has improved. It’s a tough puzzle though.”

Jack B.
“To be honest, I don’t think this game was created to be completed. I just left mine after several attempts.”

Vinnie L.
“Prepare to fail if you’re planning to get this puzzle. I’m certain only few people can complete Pure Hell™ puzzle.”

Bernice R.
“I have never come across anything as hard as this. Super, super tough puzzle.”

Kimberly M.
” It’s been months since I bought this and I finally figured it out last 2 weeks. Lol, this puzzle is just something else.”

Diane S.
“Well, it wasn’t the easiest I have tried but it wasn’t as tough as I thought. Still a good puzzle.”

Jane P.
.) “Puzzle Hell™ is not for the faint of heart. Prepare your mind for mental stress and anger when you play this. I was pissed off at a point.”

Serena T.
“I still can’t figure out how to complete this puzzle.”

Casee L.
“Very frustrating puzzle but I still completed it after 5 tries. It’s one of the hardest puzzles I have attempted.”

Donna T.
“Puzzle Hell™ is the most difficult puzzle I tried. I underestimated how complex it could be. Right now, I had to take a break before I go nuts.”

Robert B.
“I’ve never been so excited and frustrated in my life. Sometimes, it looks like I’m almost getting there, other times, it seems like I have not idea what I’m doing. It’s one difficult puzzle designed to keep the mind engaged. I’m not even sure if it can be solved.”

Robert B.
“Only go for Puzzle Hell™ if you love challenges. I enjoy solving this puzzle just because of how challenging it is.”

Yvonne G.
“Not for beginners. If you’re not experienced, you’re going to get tired of this quickly.”

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Pure White-Hell™ (White), Pure Black-Hell™ (Black), Bundle Deal: Pure White-Hell™ (White) + Pure Black-Hell™ (Black)


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Colorful Heart Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Pcs)
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